5 Reasons Why a Seven-Seater is the Perfect Vehicle Choice for Your Holiday

There are many reasons why a bigger car can make for a better holiday trip. If you’re looking for a family-sized car to travel about on vacation with, a seven-seater might be your best bet!

Here are six reasons why seven-seaters are the best car choice for a holiday trip with your family:

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1. Fewer cars, same capacity
If you have an extensive family, you know that a trip with all of them can be pretty hectic. Having to drive three or four cars around everywhere isn’t the most convenient thing in the world for many reasons. The parking can be super inconvenient, you can lose each other somewhere along the way, and you have to pay more for the rentals, too.

A seven-seater can carry more luggage and passengers. You won’t have to worry about renting a bunch of cars for the trip anymore, as all you’re going to need is one or two of these and you’ll be ready to go anywhere!

2. You can do things together
A road trip with your family should be a joyful experience all the way through. You’re not going to have enough space to enjoy yourselves in a typical sedan or a van. With a seven-seater, you can enjoy all sorts of activities together thanks to the added space. Imagine your kids having fun in the back seats playing a card game, a video game, or even just watching a movie together. These activities are surely impossible when you’re cramped in a tiny car together.

3. They are more comfortable
You might have to be in the car for quite a long time when you’re on a holiday road trip. If you’re stuck in a tiny car for an extended period of time, chances are more than one passenger is going to feel cramped and grumpy. This is never a problem with a seven-seater, as even at maximum capacity, you will still feel as if you have enough leg room to stretch and get up and move around if you want to. Instead of being miserable for the whole trip, your whole family can feel better about being in the car for a couple of hours at a time.

4. There’s lots of choice

Many car manufacturers offer different seven-seater models with various features for you to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a seven-seater with features such as a built-in GPS, TV, and voice control, you can surely find one. If you don’t want any of these and just want a seven-seater that feels great to drive, you can opt for that as well! The variety of models allow you to be incredibly flexible with your choice. No matter what type of budget you’re working with, there’s a seven-seater model out there that aligns with it and won’t force you to scrape by for the rest of the trip.


5. Share the driving
Another downside of having too many cars in one trip is that driving duty will be longer for each driver. For example, if you’re on a trip with your cousins and parents, chances are they’ll each be driving their own cars. If there’s only you and your spouse in your vehicle, the two of you will have to be driving quite a lot! Wouldn’t it be nice if all the drivers could share the driving hours and reduce it to an hour each? Not only that this will make the overall trip more enjoyable, but it will also be safer for everybody as well. That’s something you can get from a seven-seater and not any other type of smaller vehicle.

Now that you know why a seven-seater is a perfect vehicle choice for your next big holiday trip, all you have to do is find a rental service that offers the model that you want at a fair price.

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