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Fill your eyes with the view of the sun dancing of the bright blue waters of the clear blue sea. Watch the stars dance across the skyline of mountains at night aside the luminous moon. Listen to the crickets sing a lullaby so sweet that it could sooth a baby into slumber. Sit back and relax while you take a tour of some of the many places to throughout the island. Leave your cares behind and the driving to a car hire in Paphos.

What better way to begin a journey that we call life with the one person that you will love for eternity. Begin a life where the goddess of love and beauty resided. Worshippers of her wondered through the same ancient temple as she rose up from the sea. She and Adonis, her lover, stood together right where you will be standing.

Surround yourself in beauty compiled with history found nowhere else in the world. Have a wedding that would jumpstart the heart of cupid himself. Talk about the perfect setting for the background of the happy couple’s first photos as a married couple. The wedding of your dreams is waiting for you.

Many wedding and honeymoon planning companies can help get ready for the big day into a venture into a new life. They can also advise you or get you to someone what you will need in advance for the big day to make it legal. A recommended honeymoon would be to get a car rental in Paphos and have them take you on a dreamy venture through Cyprus.

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Most of your expenses can be packaged and even discounted if you order them early. So get ready for the ride of your life across thousands of years of traditions, history, cuisine, wine, fun and peace in Cyprus.

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