car hire in paphosIf you are looking for Car Hire in Paphos, you will be spoilt for choice. But will you pick the right rental firm?

Did you know that there were 9,886 Rental Cars operating in Cyprus in 2015, compared to 8,648 in 2005, and 6,008 in 1995 – a rise of nearly two thirds over just twenty years, according to the latest figures from the Government Statistical Service. Cyprus has not had a working railway since the last track was closed in 1952. So it’s not surprising that Cyprus has long been known for having the highest car ownership in the world.

What can you as a tourist or business visitor do to ensure a smooth, trouble free Car Hire in Paphos where the island’s second biggest airport after Lanarca is located?

Book direct in advance

Between August and September, around 450,000 visitors can be expected to arrive in Cyprus, according to official surveys. So it makes perfect sense to avoid frustration and disappointment by booking your car hire in advance online to obtain the best rates. Be wary of car hire brokers who claim they are the cheapest and, instead, spend time carefully comparing prices at the hire firm’s own site and book directly with them – many offer special rates if you book in advance.

What are the other practical actions you can take to avoid some of the plain, nasty surprises that catch people out because they simply haven’t done their homework?

Delivered when you arrive

It’s crucial to book a car hire which definitely will be delivered to the airport at the time you are scheduled to arrive. It means you will not be tempted to just use a firm waiting at the terminal site when you finally emerge from baggage handling. By booking a car hire which operates as near as possible to the airport but not actually based at the airport, you’re more likely to obtain a cheaper price – and you will also avoid unnecessary waiting and journey times.

Prices quoted upfront

The main key factor is the car hire fee. You need to ensure that the prices quoted upfront will be the same as those you will actually pay with no hidden extras, no matter what time of day or night you arrive. The best quality car hire service is less likely to delay your planned schedules by waiting times, hidden charges and unexpected excess rates. Always choose a full 24 hours service complete with unlimited mileage.

Car Hire in Paphos – The model selected

Another pitfall that you should watch out for is being delivered the wrong car, or not the model selected from the website. It’s highly likely that you selected a four door rather than a two door vehicle. Especially, if it’s a family holiday. These are always the first choice and the first to go! Check carefully to see if the firm has added the phrase “or similar” to your confirmation of order when the car is booked.

Car hire firms in Cyprus have come in for their fair share of publicity in the past because of the way customers have sometimes been treated. It really does pay to take your time to find established owner car hire firms in Paphos who look after their vehicles and are guaranteed to look after their customers too.

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