How to get the car you ordered with a Cheap Car Hire in Paphos and no surprises!

Suzuki Alto cheap car hire in paphosHolidaymakers and business travellers looking for cheap car hire in Paphos need to also watch out for some of the common pitfalls of renting a hire car on the island. As with any car hire firm in any country you may visit, you potentially face a disastrous start to your trip if you are not up to speed.  By doing your homework beforehand, you can help prevent any unwanted surprises, and save both precious time and money.

It is always recommended to book a car hire in Paphos in advance, online. While online brokers may appear to be the cheapest – and the key is to carefully compare “like with like” – it’s always advised to check the hire firm’s own website for special rates.

Fast Delivery to Airport

The first step is to ensure that your hire car is to be delivered to the airport at the time you are scheduled to arrive. This means either Larnaca International Airport located at the easterly end of Cyprus or Paphos International Airport right on the western edge of the island. To get the cheapest price, aim for firms not based at the terminal site, but to also avoid unnecessary waiting and journey times, select a car hire which do operate as near to the airports as possible.

The next potential issue is the make, model and condition of the vehicle that is delivered – it may not be exactly the same as the car shown on their website. Car hire firms often add the phrase “or similar” when a vehicle is booked. A four door vehicle is always popular and can become quickly unavailable, which could be your first unwanted surprise.

Scrutinise for every slight blemish

The condition of your hired car is critical, of course, but it is vital to scrutinise for every slight blemish or faint scratch, inside as well as out – and include the wheels. It is important to take a little time to note everything down on the rental agreement and ensure it is signed by the hire firm. An additional precaution is take pictures and a video of the car as visual evidence, which you should do again when returning the car at the end of the hire period.

Other items to check is the condition of the spare wheel, oil, water and do record the mileage. Also determine if the car is delivered with a full tank of petrol – there may be an extra charge! Unexpected or hidden fees are always a potential issue, as well as the so-called add-ons. Always check to see if the firm is upfront with all their charges. Finally, take extra care over insurance and check if you are covered for items, such as damage to wheels, tyres, windows or the interior.

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