The Differences Between a Standard and a Full-Size Rental Car

Unless you’re on a road trip, it’s not very likely that you’ll be able to take your favorite car with you when you’re traveling. Therefore, the next best thing is to rent a car. Yet, there are a few different types of rental cars you can choose from, which begs the question of “Which car should I rent?” This decision will have a massive impact on the overall experience of your trip, and that’s quite a bit of pressure. If you pick a car that’s too small, it will feel cramped, and you won’t have as much storage space. On the other hand, if your car is too large, it may be difficult to park, and you will be wasting a lot of money for no reason. You don’t want to ruin your trip before it begins by picking the wrong car. To help you with that, we have come up with a short guide on how to choose the right type of rental vehicle for your vacation:

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Standard Rental Car

Standard rental cars usually refer to typical sedans, mini-vans, and coupés. These are the most common types of cars that you could find at practically any rental shop. Some shops may refer to them as mid-size or intermediate, and you should note that these terms may be used interchangeably with standard cars. These cars can fit up to five people, but the comfort level may not be optimal at that capacity. The main advantages of these cars are their versatility, mileage, and affordability.

Most standard-sized cars, especially the newer models, are designed to be versatile. You can drive them around in the city, suburban areas, and interstate without any issue. Some car models such as the Toyota RAV4 will go up to 22/28mpg, which is quite impressive. Lastly, these cars are much cheaper to rent than full-size rental cars, making them a budget-friendly choice. The obvious problem with them is that you can’t fit as many people in them, and they won’t be very comfortable at maximum capacity.

Full-Size Rental Cars

Full-size cars don’t always mean larger cars, as many different sedan models can be considered full-size cars as well. These cars are usually slightly more spacious than the standard car, giving the passengers more leg room as well as extra storage space. You may be surprised to know that full-size sedans are actually cheaper to rent than a standard sedan. The reason for this is usually their mileage, as full-size cars usually aren’t as fuel-efficient. For example, the standard two-by-four Hyundai Sonata has a 25/36 mpg, while the full-sized Toyota Camry will only have a 21/30 mpg.

Or Similar” Deals

Rental shops can’t always guarantee that the exact model you’re looking for will be available at the time of your arrival, as that may cause them to lose profits. To deal with this issue, you can find an “Or Similar” sign on the listing to let you know that even if you don’t get this one, they will look for one with similar mileage, functions, and build. If this is the case, you may get a discount for the deal, or even a free upgrade, both of which are beneficial to you.

Final Verdict

Your final decision should depend on your needs. You need to weigh out the costs and benefits for each type of car and think about which one fits with your preferences and budget most. For example, if you’re traveling with your entire family, it’s a better idea to go for a full-size car despite the mileage count.

You want to make sure your trip is as enjoyable as possible, and that won’t be the case if everybody is pressed up close to one another all trip long. Also, if you’re not expecting to be driving a lot, a full-size car may also be a better option, as the rental cost won’t be as high. On the other hand, if you’re not traveling with a lot of people, and you’re expecting to be driving long hours, a standard car with better mileage may be the better option. You have to consider how the car feels to drive as well, as you want to make sure that the car you pay for is fun and safe to drive so that you don’t feel as stressed when you’re on the road.

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