A Guide to Border Crossing Between North Cyprus and South Cyprus

The borders between North Cyprus and South Cyprus are open, which means that people – visitors and locals alike – can freely cross between both sides of the island. This means that you get the opportunity to experience both cultures when you visit Cyprus. That being said, there are some regulations that you should be aware of before you go there.

When you’re at the border, you will need to get a form stamped before you can go into the south of Cyprus. You will need to bring your passport with you, but note that it won’t get stamped when you cross between borders. Also, make sure that you don’t bring more than 150 Euro worth of possessions when you cross to either side as it exceeds the restrictions.

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Crossing With a Rental Car

It is important to note that you’re allowed to drive a hired car from South Cyprus into North Cyprus, but you cannot take a hired car rented in North Cyprus into South Cyprus. If you have a rental car from North Cyprus, then you have to leave your car at the border before you can cross. Fortunately, there are many rental companies in the area right beyond the border crossing, so it’s easy for you to rent a car there. Also, you should know that insurance purchased on either side will be invalid once you cross the border to the other side. This means that you will have to get additional insurance if you want to drive on the other side. Here is a general guide for car insurance costs for North Cyprus and South Cyprus:

– South Cyprus: 10 CYP per month
– North Cyprus: 100 YTL/40CYP per year.

However, for North Cyprus, there are other options as well: 10 YTL for 3 days, 15 YTL for one month, 20 YTL for 3 months, and 30 YTL for 6 months.

Checkpoints For Border Crossing

This can be confusing as most of the checkpoints have multiple names. This is because the names are derived from multiple sources, including the English, Greek, and Turkish names of the region and its neighbouring villages. As of today, there are five checkpoints where you can cross in Cyprus, including:

// Metehan

Metehan is located in Nicosia, and it is considered to be the main crossing point. This means that this checkpoint is often very busy and crowded. You will see many pedestrians, cyclists, goods, and vehicles crossing the border here.

// Black Knight

Also known as the Azios Nikolaos, Strovilia, or Akyar crossing, this is one of the two checkpoints that are in the British Eastern Sovereign Base Area. At this crossing, pedestrians, vehicles, and goods are able to pass.

// Dhekelia

Apart from Black Knight, Dhekelia is the only other checkpoint that is located in the British Eastern Sovereign Base Area. This checkpoint can also be called Beyarmudu. At this checkpoint, pedestrians, vehicles, and goods can cross the border, just as in the Black Knight.

// Ledra Palace

Located in Nicosia, this border crossing point is reserved for pedestrians only. However, diplomatic vehicles are occasionally allowed to use this checkpoint.

// Guzelyurt

This crossing point is also known as Astromeritis, Morpho, Morfu, Güzelyurt, Omorfo, or Morfou. Pedestrians, vehicles, and goods are permitted to cross the border.

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