The Natural Wonders of Cyprus You Must See

Cyprus is a small Mediterranean island that is located near the Middle East. It is a dream vacation destination for many and has been for a long time, especially to nature and wine lovers. People come for the cliffs, the beaches, the wine, and the culture, but there are also many natural wonders to explore. If you are looking for gorgeous sights, here is our guide to Cyprus’ natural wonders:

Avakas Gorge

If you want to see the island’s diverse array of flora and fauna, you need to go to the heart of the wild Akamas Peninsula. There is a strange stone that lies trapped surrounded by stone walls. The main attraction of this stone is that depending on the season and the time of day, the walls of this place will change in colour when the light reflects against the stone.

Limassol Sand Dunes

These grey sand dunes are the most unknown yet beautiful, natural sights in Cyprus. They are quite mysterious as they are sheltered in the secluded British bases of the island. They sit close to the tip of the Akrotiri peninsula. They are strange ash grey and have unique patterns on their surfaces. The shadows created in these patterns are beautiful and add to the mysterious feel of these dunes. You might find some sand turtles nesting.  However, one thing you won’t find is a crowd of people.

Limassol and Larnaca Salt Lakes

These local legends claim that these two lakes were formed when St. Lazarus requested food and drink from a local woman who denied him. This made Lazarus so angry that he turned her vineyards into salt lakes. Today, flamingos will flock to these lakes in the winter, and when the lakes dry up in the summer, you can see salt crystals glistening in the land. Nearby sits the holy mosque Hala Sultan Tekke, which will serve as a beautiful background when you are trying to get a picture of the flamingos.

Adonis Baths in Paphos

These baths are ideal for swimming with a large pool and a cascading waterfall. There are overhanging trees that brave hearts can swing from and fall into the pool. The pool is surrounded by lush greenery and looks like heaven in nature. These falls are rumoured to be the birthplace of Aphrodite and Adonis’s children. There is even a museum located on the site that offers information on the history of the area.

Cape Greco

This amazing Cypriot national park is home to many sea caves and rock formations.  It can be found in between Agia Napa and Protaras, surrounded by crystal clear waters. There are some great rock formations that can be really fun to dive off from. The area itself is a beautiful place to enjoy your vacation because it is very beautiful. Some people may even come to get their wedding photography taken. There are many tours that you can join so that you will not miss the beauty of this place. You will be able to see the waves, the rock formations, the caves and many other natural wonders this destination has to offer.

Cedar Valley

This peaceful pine forest is a great space to get a good bit of fresh air and smell the pine trees of Cypriot cedar. These trees are more closely related to Lebanese Cedar and are really beautiful to look at. You can go for a stroll or wander on the serene hiking trail provided. There is also a picnic area that visitors can enjoy on-site, which showcase great views of the valley.

Millomeri Waterfalls

These waterfalls are the largest falls available in Cyprus, with a water drop of a whopping 15 meters. You can easily get to them through the beautiful Troodos Mountains and are great for those nature lovers out there who would want to see a really beautiful sight. If you are looking to take the scenic route, these falls are a must-see natural wonder of Cyprus.

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