Why You Need a Car Rental When Visiting Cyprus

If you are planning a trip to Cyprus, you’ve probably got quite a list of things that you want to explore and see. Such a trip calls for a car rental. Not only will you have the independence and ability to explore at your own speed with a rental car, but you will actually be cutting your costs on public transport, which is actually quite limited.

Cyprus is quite a small and easygoing country, and this nature is reflected in their roads as well. You will be able to go anywhere with a short drive. Here’s why you need to hire a rental car while you’re visiting beautiful Cyprus:

It’s the best way to get around the attractions

This island has a lot to see and tons of attractions for tourists to enjoy, ranging from national parks to hidden ruins, coves, mountain villages, and amazing views. Having a car will allow you to enjoy both the city and the countryside. You will want the independence to explore Cyprus so that you can go wherever you please whenever you please.

There are also a ton of beautiful mountain views that you would need a car to access anyways. Having a car to drive on your own in Cyprus means you will easily be able to get around without needing to pay extra costs for transportation, without having to wait in lines, and without having to understand the transportation systems. With the help of Google Maps and a little sense of adventure, you can go explore destinations that you’ve always wanted to see. Go online and read reviews if other travelers’ experiences in Cyprus. This will help give you ideas of where to drive to, when, and what to see.

Renting a car in Cyprus

There are only two major international airports, Paphos and Larnaca, you will most likely be flying into one of them. Car rental services can drop your car off right at these airports for you to pick up right after your flight. When choosing a company, make sure you look them up, consider your options, compare prices, read reviews, and contact them ahead of time with any questions that you might have.

Making sure that you get a good, legitimate car rental service is crucial. If you are looking for a specific type of car, you can call and ask what cars are available. You will need to show them your international license as well as any other paperwork you might have to give them. Aside from that, don’t forget to check out insurance policies, sign papers, and take pictures of any dents or kinks in your rental car, just in case the shop tries to scam you out of your deposit. If you haven’t already paid for the rental car, you will want to do so now. If you’re using a credit card or cash, get your car paid for so that you can get going.

This is a quick and easy process, making the money and effort worth it! When you pick up your car, you will want to show them your international driver’s license so that you can put your things in the back, get in the car and drive to your place of accommodation. After putting things away, if you’re not too tired, you can then go on whatever adventure your heart desires to go on. This is the beauty of having your own rental car.

Are you looking for a car hire service on your visit to Cyprus? Get in touch with Car Rental Cyprus today! We’re happy to help find you the perfect car for your trip.

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