Rental Car Features That You Should Have For Your Road Trip

A road trip is a great way for you to spend quality time with your friends or family. The necessity for a road trip is, of course, a vehicle. To ensure that you have the best of time on the road, the vehicle you choose for your trip needs to be as fit as it can get! Listed below are some of the rental car features that you should look for:

A Toll Pass &

Tolls can be an enemy to your wallet during a road trip. As you may come across various highways, toll fees can add up and cost you a substantial amount of money. This is why you should always look for a Toll Pass when choosing a rental vehicle for your road trip.

GPS Navigation

Nothing is worse than being lost on an unfamiliar route during your road trip! This can waste you a considerable amount of time, affecting your whole schedule as a result. By renting a vehicle with GPS navigation, you can rest assured that you won’t get lost on the road. It can also get you to your destination quicker, too!


A Reversing Camera

Choose a rental car with a reversing camera so that you can see any obstacle that stands in your way. This way, you can maneuver the vehicle in a safe manner. A reversing camera comes in particularly handy when backing out of a parking spot.



Every car should have proper working airbags as part of the safety features. Accidents can happen any time, which is why you want to make sure that you minimize the disastrous effects by ensuring that your rental vehicle comes with airbags.


A Smart Seatbelt Reminder

It is easy to take seatbelts for granted. Some drivers and passengers often look over the importance of seatbelts and refuse to wear them at all. However, you want your loved ones to be safe and protected in a vehicle. This is where a smart seatbelt reminder comes in play. You will be reminded to wear a seatbelt right after you get behind the wheel. The system will also send an alert when one passenger is not wearing a seatbelt.


A Blind Spot Monitor

One of the greatest safety features in a vehicle is a blind spot monitor. This sensor device can monitor lanes to detect cars that come unusually close to your vehicle. It will signal you its alarm, whether visually or audibly. With a blind spot monitor, you will be notified of any threat on the road that you might not be aware of.


Air Conditioning

If the weather on your route is expected to be quite heated, then you should go for a rental vehicle that comes with air conditioning. Your road trip can lose its fun when you and your friends are stuck in traffic, drenched in sweat! By renting a vehicle that comes with working A/C, you can rest assure that your road trip will be a cool, fun ride.


Luggage Space

Depending on how many people are going on a road trip with you, you may need a normal-sized or even a bigger vehicle. Be sure that your rental vehicle has enough room to fit everyone’s luggage. If the trunk of the vehicle is not spacious enough, you and your travel companions may have to leave some stuff behind, which is always a bummer.


// Final Notes

Before driving off to the sunset, make sure that you consider your needs and choose a vehicle that serves those needs well. You should also keep these features under consideration when picking out your road trip rental car to guarantee your safety and comfort!

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