Save Costs on Your Car Rental With The Right Timing

Just like plane tickets, car rental prices fluctuate daily. There are some days where they will cost less than others, meaning that you can book a car for a lower price if you are savvy enough. Here are some ways to get the best deals while renting a car:

Consider Your Location

If you are hoping to rent from a busy city or a popular tourist spot, you will want to really keep a close eye on prices. In more popular areas, they can even change several times a day. Prices will not vary as much in less busy areas, meaning that car rental places can sell out. This is why it is important to consider the prices and popularity of your location. Don’t take a risk or you might miss out on a good deal, or even be unable to rent a car from a specific shop entirely.

Unique Cars

If you have your eye on a particular model of car, be it a luxury car or any other unique type of car, you will want to book it as early as possible. Rental companies only carry a certain amount of these cars, so they will sell out quickly if you aren’t quick to save your spot. Watching the price fluctuate isn’t worth it; you might lose it completely. Last minute bargains on these cars are not likely, so don’t wait around!

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Good Timing

If you know that you will be going somewhere ahead of time and want to rent a car, it is recommended that you book about three to six months in advance. This way you can get the car that you want without having to risk any last minute price increases.

The Reason for Fluctuation

Rental prices change to avoid too many cars sitting around at rental companies. If fewer people are booking cars, companies often reduce prices to attract more renters, whereas more booking will result in higher prices. If the price goes down after you’ve already booked, and they offer free cancellations, you may be able to get a refund to rent again at the new price. This could be a great lifehack to getting the rental car you want at a better price.

Last Minute Rentals

We all end up waiting until the last minute at times. Booking within a week of your travel date will probably cost you more, but there are still some shops that charge affordable prices. Before you go paying for anything, shop around online to see what your options and prices are. You can book last minute, but make sure it is at least 48 hours before your trip to avoid any issues.

Extra Costs

If you need a baby seat, GPS devices, or anything else while you rent, that is completely your responsibility. If you need this extra equipment, some rental companies may provide them and some will not. You will be responsible for filling the gasoline back upon return. You may need to pay a little extra for insurance, so make sure you account for that in your budget as well.

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