Top 3 Free Tourist Spots in Paphos You Can Go By Car

Hiring a car in Paphos will certainly be the smartest investment you’ve made during your vacation as the town may be small but has many well-known attractions as well as “hidden gems” to explore, and many of them are free of entrance fees. If you wish to grab a taste of Paphos famous culture and beyond, here are some free spots that are worthy of visiting:

Agia Solomoni, Catacomb. On your road to Kato Paphos, just a  few hundred meters away from Kato Paphos Harbour, you’ll stumble across a tiny yet interesting sight–the catacomb and shrine dedicated to Agia Solomoni. The catacomb consists of several united stone caves and small chambers with remnants of religious orthodox images that date back to the 12th century. Although this is one of the smallest and otherwise “common” attractions in Paphos, visitors from all over the island come to visit this for another special reason too. Just before the entrance, on the right, there is an old big wishing tree where people hang their ribbons and handkerchiefs to get their wishes fulfilled e.g have a child or reconcile with a loved one.

Petra tou Romiou. Also known as “Aphrodite’s Rock”.Τhis legendary sea stack and rocky shore is situated on the road between Paphos and Limassol (approx. 15 minutes from Paphos and 30 minutes from Limassol). Legend has it that this was the birthplace of the Goddess Venus, which rose from the foams and waves of the sea in a shell and allegedly inspired the famous painting of the Italian artist Botticelli. The stunning natural scenery of this sight, free beach access and extra optional facilities nearby e.g food and drink services, make this an excellent choice for couples, families and groups of tourists that wish to explore Paphos history and natural beauty at the same time.

Armou Village. A hidden gem of Paphos District, located around 4 km south of Mesogi village and 20 minutes from Paphos town. This graphic little green village counts just 350 residents but has plenty to offer to the passerby. Being a semi-mountainous area, around 363 meters around the sea level, the village offers you a magnificent panoramic view of the sea, Paphos town as well as the mountains that envelop the region. Ιf you ever decide to visit Armou, don’t forget to stop by the church of Ag. Varvara (the Patron saint of the Village) οr enjoy a tradıtıonal cyprus coffee or drink at the central square of the village.

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