We call Cyprus our second home

rent a car in paphosWe started coming to Cyprus for our holidays over 25 years ago, usually twice a year. When we first came to Cyprus, the hotel Cypria Maris was the only hotel in Paphos. We call Cyprus our second home now and have many friends there.

We think of Cyprus as an island with friendly and hospitable people. Several times we have been invited for dinner with people whom we did not know yet. We have seen a lot of the island: ancient churches, monasteries, museums and, in addition, we spoke with many Cypriots. In short, we love the island, especially the Greek Cypriot part.

We also played a lot of golf in e.g. Tsada, Secret Valley. During our last holiday we made a trip to the water dams, which was very impressive.

Throughout those years we have hired a car with you, and (fortunately) did not even have bad luck once. We are very pleased with the service of “Houlos Car Rentals”. We think back to the time that Paphos Airport was closed and we had to go to Larnaca in a hurry. We called Savvas from Houlous Car Rentals and within 15 minutes Savvas was with us to bring us straight to Larnaca….! The service is great!

Jacob and Minny van Klaveren.

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